Saturday, December 20, 2008

With wondering awe

I read the following quote from Socrates and immediately thought of the Wise Men traveling to find our Savior. 

"Wisdom begins in wonder."

And then I thought of the Shepherds.

Two groups of people divided by distance and social standing but brought together by one glorious event and purpose - to follow a star to a glorious meeting. All were wise in their own sphere and all expressed wonder at the birth of a baby who would change their lives forever.

As we each celebrate this time of year no matter what our faith is, may we each remember the feelings we have when we touch the hand of a new born babe. For me it is joy and amazement that another soul has made it safely to this earth with wonderful opportunities and learning experiences lying ahead.

I've been feeling inclined over the past few days to learn how to make the Mariners Compass quilt block. Maybe that will be my challenge piece for 2009.

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