Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fabric postcards for real

Well lets try this again. My hand got stuck when I was trying to move the mouse out of the way and than my thumb hit return and posted the air message :) Being technologically challenged also means I'm not sure where I recently saw the delete button for accidental messages etc.

Fabric Postcards.

I am in the middle of a number of exchanges at the moment which is a lot of fun. Since we are supposed to treat these as little works of art I decided to photograph each of them on a little gold easel. The challenge was finding somewhere in the house that would work well. After a bit of a hunt I eventually settled on Kristina's room. She has a computer desk with a shelf at a decent height and the wall behind is a very pretty shade of yellow. I sent 4 of them in the mail today and have two ready to send out sometime this week. 

Given that Christmas is coming faster than I probably realize I think it's time to put my art projects to one side (yeh right !!!) and focus on finishing up the items I want to make for family members. It would be wonderful if I could actually get something to my parents on time instead of the usual show up date of January through March !!!!

I signed up yesterday for a mystery postcard challenge for a quilt show next year. We will get the fabrics etc. in the mail and have to use some of the items to make the card. Thinking rather than doing. I can deal with that for the moment :)


Sandy said...

You have certainly been making 'finds' lately !

The idea of the archeological history right near your home sounds fascinating.

The group of quilters seem to be welcoming - as they should be.

Wondering what you are thinking about Australia just now?

Sandy in South Australia

Carol said...

Hi Sandy,

Great to hear from you Sandy :)

I have a lot of cousins that live in Australia, descendants of my grandma's siblings. This year some of them have tracked me down. My brother recently went to Sydney and had a great time.

I've also been greatly interested in some of the Australian embroidery sites that are out there. Found a freebie pattern which I am going to use for a small Christmas wall-hanging.