Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Christmas

The last few days took on a life of their own. 

We decided to celebrate Christmas on the eve of and had a wonderful time. Had a sit down roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner together, read scriptures from Luke, opened presents, played a game and generally had a great evening together. On Christmas day we travelled up to Ohio to visit grandma and whoever else was there at the time. There was hardly any traffic on the highway through Kentucky and the weather was good. I joked about "catching some rays". We travelled back on Saturday and again had great weather for traveling.

We enjoyed our short visit but we are all glad to be home doing our own thing. There was 15 people crammed into the house in Ohio on top of all my wonderful m-i-l's sewing projects :)

I was able to get two of my snowmen cross stitch people finished while traveling and another one almost done. Once all 10 are complete they are going to become a Christmas wall-hanging. This will be one of my sidebar mystery projects for 2009 and will be revealed a piece at a time :)

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