Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ink Circles

I was taking a long look at the Ink Circles site this morning and decided to look for a distributer in TN. Lo and behold there is one in Nashville and woohooo it's a company I thought had gone out of business. Stitchin' Post used to be at the Harding Mall waaaay over on the other side of town. (Most things are waaaay over on the other side of town :( ) 

Anyway, I loved the place and I would take my mother there on any of her visits. One day I went and it had closed, I was so sad about that. Time moves on (as always) and I got busy with other things. I am so thrilled to find out that they are at another location and in an area (closer to me) that I frequent fairly often. (Cann't imagine how I missed seeing them.) Guess what I am going to make time to do next week and I dropped a hint like a brick to DH for one of the IC patterns as a Christmas present:)

Back to Ink Circles. Lovely site and I downloaded a number of freebies to make Celtic Christmas ornaments for NEXT year. I am a very slow stitcher so maybe I should be saying next century :)

Thought for today.

It should be one of our nagging fears that we may die with our gifts yet unwrapped, with our talents and our skills untried and unused in the service of God and neighbor. We should not be caught short but give while there is yet time to give. Thus, when our day comes to stand before God, we must appear with empty hands, with our opportunities for doing good all exploited, with our resources for making people happy all depleted.
Fr. James Turro

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