Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quilting of another kind

I had some fun Thursday through Saturday learning how to make a photograph album at I used some pictures of the quilted wallhangings I have been working on over the past few weeks and am looking forward to the album showing up in my mailbox some time in the next couple of weeks. It got me thinking about ways I could use parts of my quilts in photographs so I am going to play with that for a while.

John also got going with the online albums and put together a Christmas present for his mother. She loves Iris and has a fairly extensive collection in her back yard. He has taken numerous photographs. I would love to take some of his photographs and turn them into quilts either by doing applique or learning how to do fabric painting.

If you want to be inspired by what other quilters are doing go to I found out about it today at one of the yahoo groups I am on and am just in awe and what some people are producing.

Another quilt site I ran across is My jaw just dropped to the floor at her artistry. One of these years I will get serious about my quilt learning curve but for the moment I am happy to play :)

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