Friday, October 16, 2009

I Am A Stitchers Angel 2009 - The Reveal

This has been a wonderful event to participate in. Thanks to Helen Stubbins who organized it and for the designers for sharing their talents. Follow the link on my side bar.

The theme was "Roses" but I also ended up with an underlying theme "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something ........ pink."

Pink - October is breast cancer awareness month and also my recipients favorite color.
Old - gift #2. A piece I stitched a few years ago but did not finish till this year.
Borrowed -  gift #1 the rose pattern Helen created
New - gift #3 the wall hanging using a quilting technique new to me.

So we were supposed to remain anonymous and I tried. I did not do the "set up a dummy e-mail address" thing. I just hung out at "Her" blog, which I would have done anyway since we have been following each other for months :)
I decided to send the gifts in 3 parts instead of one box. I used a mailing address from another state, Ohio to go with the wall hanging design, that was not mine (my m-i-l) but about blew it when I had to sign customs forms. I also had to try and "veil the truth" when I blogged about any of the items I was creating or left comments at the "other blog".

Okay enough of this. Who was the recipient. Micki at Irish Muses :) A wonderful lady from Philadelphia now residing in the 2nd loveliest spot on the planet - Ireland. (Scotland, of course, always comes first !!!!)

I do plan on making the projects featured in the sew-a-long but it will be in my own time and they will show up as surprises.


Micki said...

How marvelous is that! I love how you thought it all out, and it was all so special, esp. since it came from a good friend of long standing. I loved them all Carol, and I will treasure each and everything that I got from you. Boy, did I luck out when I got you as my Stitcher's Angel.
Hugs and thanks so much for the lovely gifts, but for also being my friend!

Micki said...
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Carol said...

You are very welcome. I enjoyed having the opportunity to do something for you.

Allie said...

Thanks for the rest of the story! I feel much better. ;) I'd say Micki scored! How nice that you could be doing it for someone you already know.

Carol said...

Your welcome Allie. It was indeed fun doing it for someone I already knew. Also a challenge trying to work out ways to keep it a "public" secret :)