Thursday, October 1, 2009

Local Life - Catfish Out of Water 2003

In 2003 Nashville had a very fun event called "Catfish Out of Water". 51 7ft. long catfish were decorated by local artists, organizations etc. and displayed throughout Nashville. They were then auctioned off to raise funds for the local greenways and river parks.
We had so much fun that year driving and walking around trying to spot catfish. I don't think we found all 51 but we came fairly close.
Some of them can still be found around town and this one is "Classic Black" sponsored by Vanderbilt University. It's looking a bit worse for wear now because it is still outside. To see photos of all the fish go to
As for the wee fellow in front that was a project John was involved in. He is a member of the NXTMindstorms group and the wee man is on a world tour. When he came to visit us John and Juliet took him out on the town. See

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