Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Gracie Jane Project

An interesting idea that is in it's infancy, so to speak, but one I have decided to participate in. Mini quilts for preemies.
Our youngest daughter had an unexpected, very traumatic, almost deadly start to life and spent her first two weeks in the neo-natal wing. The babies in there were amazing and such fighters. I was in awe of them and of the nurses who worked so diligently and carefully with them. Some wonderful volunteers came in regularly to do their jobs as "huggers and strokers." Even with all the drama and challenges going on the neo-natal was serene.
For more information go to or click on the link on my side-bar.
To see some of the quilts go to
I am going to send fabric to begin with then after all my Christmas projects are completed I plan on making some of these little 20"x20" quilts.
Barbara, I for one, wish you incredible success with this project.

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