Monday, January 18, 2010

Blog of the week - Attic 24

I've visited Attic 24 a number of times because I am soooooo envious of her ability. She crochets (Happy Hookyness) some wonderful pieces and the colors are scrumptious. Add to that her fabulous flower photographs and monthly mosaics. So on this currently rather foggy, grey day what better place to visit for a shot of bright color and fun.
If you go into her archives to April of 2009 you'll see what got me interested in her blog in the first place. Clue -  large wheels and a guerilla.
Note to self - learn to crochet properly. I can knit no problem, and have taught my girls how to,  so you would think it would not be difficult. Not so. The most I've ever accomplished is about 3 rows and a circle that would not lie flat.


Anonymous said...

Carol, I've always heard it's harder for a crocheter to knit because they try to "hook", but it's easier for knitters to crochet.
A circle not laying flat means your tension is off. Relax and let it flow just like you do any other "needle", etc. Thanks for sharing Attic 24 with us.
babs in alabama

Lynne RidgeAndFurrow said...

Oh what a lovely site - I will have to have a good look another night. I am teaching my 11 year old boy to crochet - it will suit him better than knitting.

Dolores said...

Great crocheted necklace. Thanks for the link - I'm going to check it out now.