Friday, January 22, 2010

Tutorial - Origami Windmill Doll Cushion

A fun project that takes about 90 minutes. (This is my prototype so it will probably take less time next time round.)
I used scraps to make mine.
4, 3" cream tone on tone squares
4, 31/2" background fabric squares
11/2" strips of both fabrics to sew together for the back
Neutral color sewing thread.


Stephanie said...

this is adorable. Thanks for the tutorial. I will definately have to make one when I get my machine back from service. Hope you are doing well! Steph

Carol said...

Thanks Stephanie. I think this design has lots of design possibilities. Hope you get your machine back soon.

Debbie said...

Great tutorial. I see possibilities with this, expecially for kid quilts. Good job, and thanks.

Carol said...

Thanks Debbie. That's a good idea.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

What a great little project! Thanks for sharing this!

Judy Ellsworth said...

Thanks for this tutorial! I'll certainly add it to my 3-D repertoire!