Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scots Corner - Robert Burns

Don't anyone reach out and smack me from across the "big puddle" but I am not a huge lover of Robert Burns poetry. However it would be cheap of me not to acknowledge Burns Night (last night), which if you've ever participated in one can be a whoooole lot of fun (once the speeches are all taken care of).
If you want to try reading some of his poetry out loud here's the complete works http://www.robertburns.org/works/ don't forget to roooooollll your R's :)
The vintage postcard is courtesy of Wikipedia.
The Bard visited my home town of Stirling on a couple of occasions and this is what he had to say after his first visit in August of 1787 '..... just now, from Stirling Castle, I have seen by the setting sun the glorious prospect of the windings of Forth through the rich carse of Stirling, and skirting the equally rich carse of Falkirk.'


e said...

You'll get no slap from me, ma dearie. ;) I don't particularly like all of Burns' work either. Considering how much he wrote, i only have a few favourites. But i remember something Eddi Reader once said...that on one day of the year, the world joins as one in the singing of one song, written by a Scottish lad in his twenties. It kind of puts today's celebrity in perspective. ;)

Carol said...

Good point. Wonder how many of today's celebrities will be celebrated 250 years from now !

Angelus said...

Had to comment on your blog. I lived with my Granny in Grangemouth, and worked in Falkirk, where my Aunt lived, as a teen. Many years ago, but still miss it.

rochambeau said...

Dear Carol,
So glad you dropped by. It is interesting to come here and have your Scottish perspective on Robert Burns and ER's too.