Thursday, January 21, 2010

Local Life - Operation Smile

Yesterday about 35 of us (many with babies and small children in tow) showed up.
We folded and admired all the fabric, we cut patterns and fabric, we ironed, we sewed, we chatted, we met new people, we ate good food but above all else we created bags, gowns and dolls for a good cause.
Thanks to the BWC for organizing this.
People were creating in the gym, hallways, classrooms and kitchen. Families came and went all day. Some stayed for an hour, some worked away all day.
I sat in a corner of the gym sewing away on dolls, along with about 5 others. We had a circle of ladies chatting and turning. Stuffing would be done later. Thanks to the ladies who took turns in the nursery. Their contribution was much appreciated.

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