Monday, August 30, 2010

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative - Quilt Auction

I enjoy visiting the AAQI site. The art work is inspiring and the stories behind them vary from funny to heart rending.
The latest auction starts on Wednesday. Go take a look at these beautiful mini quilts. Maybe you might feel inspired to make a piece of your own to donate :)

My first real introduction to Alzheimer's was a hospital stay when we were living in Michigan. My "roomie" for a few days was an older lady with Alzheimer's. When she was lucid she told me how she felt inside when she was having one of her "moments" and how that impacted her "normal" self. She was still at the stage of being aware of what was happening as she "switched" from one to the other and "watched" herself do and think strange things. She was well aware that as the disease progressed she would lose her normal self and she grieved for that. However she chose to be cheerful about her condition. I was able to gently help her through a day of her "other self" while we were together and help her keep her dignity.

This is one of the mini quilts, 10"x8", from a previous auction. Made by Kathy Scheidt in memory of her grandmother who grew Bleeding Hearts in her garden.


Ami said...

Thank you for blogging about the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. Your description of what your hospital roommate was going through ("normal self / other self") is such a good way of putting it. Many think that people with Alzheimer's don't know what is happening to them. Imagine the courage it must have taken for this woman, knowing what was happening to her and what was to come, to face each day. I'm glad you were there with her when she needed you.

With every stitch we are working for a treatment, prevention strategy, or cure for this vile disease. Thank you so much for inviting others to join us.

Ami Simms
Founder & Executive Director
Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

Dolores said...

Thanks for the link. I am heading over there now.