Thursday, August 5, 2010

Project update - eyesore fabric #1

I'm currently playing with circles on squares. I have a thumbnail drawing of the whole project done and was somewhat surprised that this part of it used exactly two repeats of the circles. Doesn't look like much at the moment but in a few weeks it should be ready for proper viewing.
My ALQS4 quilt has arrived safely in ......... Singapore :) You have to head on over to Vreni's blog and see the view from Singapore's newest hotel. Very interesting looking structure in it's own right.
I've been having a lot of bad headaches over the past few months. New "office" glasses for middle to short distance should fix that and help me see to sew better :)
So family vacation time is coming up and start of school for the kidlets. Our oldest girls are coming into town on Saturday which means my sewing room will be reverting to guest bedroom. We are hoping that the heat and humidity will decrease somewhat so that we can get in some decent "happy family" sightseeing.


Micki said...

I love them! I will be starting my quilt soon too. I ordered black and white fabrics nad pink and white fabrics.
Isn't it fun?

Lynne said...

I love the circles. Hand appliqued?
And takling of the ALQS4 - Vreni sent to me! I'll have to post a picture of it tonight if I charge my camera.

Bianca said...

I like your "eyesores". There goes to show, there is no such thing as an ugly fabric. It all depends on how you use it. I am looking forward to seeing your progress on that project.