Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's a lovely day out.

Our weather is lovely, cooler and less humid so I have been out taking some photographs. Hubbie is in England for most of September and today the rest of us decided to have a sloooow day :) My son has just gotten back from the park and DD #3 is watching high school football. (We won last night).

This was going to be the back of my new Christmas wall hanging but once I put the border on I decided to have it be the front. I have some applique to do and I am enjoying the blue as a different color. It will also go on the back. It currently measures 26"x221/2" but may get a bit bigger depending on how I decide to finish it.
Since our yard it pretty much past it's best I'm thinking about taking some of my other quilt tops over to the park and photographing them there :)


Tammy J said...


A very nice quilt in progress. I love the colors together.

Marie said...

Love the new wall hanging. The colours are beautiful and unusual! Very pretty! xxoo