Friday, September 10, 2010

Project Update - Aaaaargh

Aaaaaaargh #1 - I thought I had finished my Gracie Jane quilt but was looking at it and thinking "something did not look right." I was reading an e-mail from Micki with some questions about the border and binding and realized ........... I forgot to attach the border !!!!!!!! How dumb do I feel. So the top for version #2 is now done. Much better. I added in another color/pattern and will have to do a different back. The other quilt will get used for something else.

Aaaaaaargh #2 - I was putting together a tutorial based on the 10" blocks experiment and even in the sunroom the shots did not work. The day was too damp and cloudy and I was not about to go outside and take photographs of every step. So I'll keep the photos to remind me how I put my different blocks together and do another set on a nicer day.

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Debbie said...

I want to pass on the Sunshine Award to you! The details are on my blog at

I have always enjoyed your posts and the info you share.
Have a great sunshine day!