Monday, November 16, 2009

Blog of the week - Little Red House

Mary Carroll from New Jersey has a fabulous blog (actually she has a number of fabulous blogs) called Little Red House. I've been visiting it for about a year now and have enjoyed looking at her fabulous photographs. She has developed a very atmospheric style that I love.
She has Mosaic Monday where other bloggers participate. Some do a mosaic posting, others change out their headers.
Today's theme is Pink and Gold. So delicate and lovely as is the background music.


ER said...

Hello Carol! I just found your blog at Scotland For The Senses. It's wonderful! I'm an American (NJ) in Scotland! I follow Mary's blogs, too. Her photography is exquisite. Have you checked out Shana Rae's blog over at FlorabellaCollection? A lot of us use her textures. Lizzy :)

Carol said...

Darn you are such an enabler :) Now I'm cruising through some wonderful photography blogs. All very useful for both my daughter and myself :)