Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Our darling Lucy is having surgery today to remove a tumor from her chest. While running tests on her yesterday the vet discovered that she has heart problems.
"Eskies" are fabulous dogs and can live to the ripe old age of 20. Lucy is almost 7. The photograph was taken by Kristina for a class project.
Since I have to hang around the house today I'm going to try and finish up some of my swaps, small Christmas presents, packages for mailings and my presentation for the genealogy seminar on Saturday.


SilkLover said...

Katrina is a beautiful dog. She reminds me of a dog we rescued from the Humane Society many a year ago. Hope her surgery goes well.

SilkLover said...

Actually, I should say Lucy is a beautiful dog! I must be tired!

Micki said...

Good luck with the surgery, and may she live to a ripe old age. Please keep us informed as to what happens!

pajudie said...

Hope Lucy's surgery went ok - let us all know how she's doing -

Carol said...

Thanks ladies. Lucy is starting to get her joyful puppiness back :)