Thursday, November 26, 2009


For those of you who celebrate may you enjoy your day. May we each have, or develop, a thankful heart each day and appreciate the blessings, however small, that we have in our lives.
I married into a "documented descendants of the Mayflower" family and my mother-in-law on occasion has been heard to joke that she is related to about half the dead folk in the USA :) We have celebrated many noisy Thanksgivings together with large family gatherings at her house but this year we are staying home and embracing the quiet side of life :)


Shirley said...

Happy Thanksgiving Carol!

I will be thinking of you today and all my other American friends.


diamond said...

Carol, I just enjoyed your thoughts on Thanksgiving so very much. From my spot here over the border in Canada, to your spot I wish you all the best of the day......Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Carol said...

Thanks. We have been having a good day so far. Did our traditional "visit to the movie theatre" and talked to our girls on the phone. We will eat later.

Micki said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Carol. We don't celebrate it here, but it is wonderful to think of you at home with your family!

Carol said...

Thanks Micki. We enjoyed our day.