Friday, November 13, 2009

Postcard Pizzazz - Autumn exchange

It's now later in the day. We were having our sun room and front porch inspected while I wrote the previous posts then I had to go out and about. After that Lucy and I needed to "veg out" for a while. Lots of home improvement programs on the T.V. to get ideas from :) Once our windows/sunroom/porch are taken care of by the professionals we are planning on redoing our bathrooms. (We might need help from a plumber.)
I love this card that came from Leah. It's beautifully machine embroidered and up there amongst the favorites I have received. I think autumn themed projects are such fun to do.
Lucy up-date. She is getting back to her bouncy self. The biopsy for her tumor came back as level 2 contained cancer and we are hoping there will not be any more recurrences at the main site. She goes back to the vet on Tuesday to get her staples removed and a scan of her heart done.


Debbie said...

Glad to hear your Lucy is recovering well. Pets are such company, just like a child--they tug at your heartstrings forever.

Carol said...

Thanks Debbie. She is making good progress. Getting her appetite back.

KR said...

Carole, I "found" you again... I have relocated to TN and was researching quilt guilds... Greetimgs to you and happy quilting!
KR (former PCPZ participant)