Friday, November 6, 2009

Project up-dates

I have completed the ornaments for the Learning FA Christmas exchange but you'll have to wait for photographs because I want to do a group one :)

I decided to redo the edge of my mini quilt for the Postcard Pizzazz exchange. It looks a whole lot better. It is straight but brainless me decided to photograph it on a cushion !!!!! Don't know what I was thinking.
A good chunk of my time this week has been spent working out my handout for the genealogy conference tomorrow. 3 pages now done and printed. I present after lunch so I hope everyone manages to stay awake :) The centerpieces for the tables are currently living in our sun room. We stuffed gift bags for everyone this morning and got the conference room set up.


Birdkitty said...

This is really cute, how big is it really. It is funny, you commented on my blog, so I looked at yours, I stood outside of that temple 4 days after we adopted our first boy right outside of Nashville and I was jut looking at the pictures a few days ago. We did not get to go in, but took pictures on the outside. The Church makes the world very small doesn't it. A person in Utah who posts a picture of a Quilt block runs into another member in Tennessee! I love it!

Carol said...

Aaaaaw nuts. I forgot to measure it !!!!!!!