Friday, November 19, 2010

Colourful Friday - BROWN

Brown is such a grounding color. I love it. It goes with almost any color you can imagine.
I have to show you this picture because darling son is having a chocolate themed birthday party tomorrow. Hubbie bought a fountain yesterday so of course we had to test it last night :) Messy but fun.

Oh I just noticed BROWN pretzels and a BROWN lighthouse rock in the background!!!!!

I made some singing reindeer fabric postcards for a christmas swap last year. Ho, ho, ho, who says santa has to have all the fun :)
My daughter took this photograph for a digital photography class project. It ended up pink and round with flowers by the time she was done manipulating it !!!!!!
I received this wall hanging in an autumn swap last year. Isn't it gorgeous. Turns out it was the "dry run" for a design that has since been published by Krista at
If you look really close you can see my happy wood nymphs. They sit on their wood wreath year round. We have lots of brown wood furniture and brown wood floors in our brown brick house but if I showed you all the brown related photographs this post would go on for ever and a day.
And what would life be like without chocolate chip cookies? Yum. Gotta have them with milk. Nothing else works well in my opinion.

I designed and made this biscornu. My first attempt. I eventually gave it away as a gift. I'll be trying it out in different colors at some point. It's also the start off point for a sampler that I am trying to design but have not gotten very far with yet.

And back full circle to that grounding color. Your basic dirt that we gardeners (or attempting to be gardeners) all love. It looks more like mulch to me but who's to argue with what's written on the dirt bag. It worked well and my plants loved it so all is good.
So now dear readers I must bid you adieu. I'm off to paint some walls cream. It'll probably take up a good chunk of my day.
Hop on over to for some more BROWN fun. Next week SILVER.


moosestashquilting said...

I love brown, and chocolate chip cookies! Kindred spirits huh! :-)

Bev C said...

Hello Carol,

Oh my goodness a chocolate fountain, I bet you just have to dip a finger in!!! Your son is going to have fun with that. Love your collection of brown and yes I did see the nymphs smiling at me.
Love that you included some soil.
Happy Colourful Friday.


Karen said...

Hi Carol.
Have a wonderful chocolate birthday party tomorrow!!! What fun!!!
Great photos for brown this week.
Love the little wood nymphs hiding there. And the lovely sewing.

Sally said...

Yum yum yum... I gasped as I saw that first photo! DELIGHTFUL!