Friday, November 12, 2010

Project update - it's not quilting but .....

Lucy wants to show you something that's going on at our house. It's one of the reasons I have not done any sewing this week. (The other was preparing to teach a genealogy class at out local YMCA, which happened today.)

See that step stool? We are stripping wallpaper in our back hallway. The top vinyl stripey part is all gone and we are now tackling the paper backing. Our darling son is having his birthday party a week from tomorrow and so we are aiming to have everything stripped and painted before then. I confess I miss the tone-on-tone stripes that were there but life moves on.

And this is the other room that is going to get painted. We've moved a lot of the furniture around and the ratty old couch will be leaving fairly soon. Since both areas run off the central kitchen everything is getting painted cream for the time being. (Sounds kind of boring but given some of the strong color combinations we have in the house it'll be nice to have some calm, restful areas for a while.)

I'm going to be participating in a new project soon. Click on the link on my sidebar and find out what that is all about :) I hope some of you can join it too.


Debbie said...

Lucy is beautiful! Wallpaper---ugh! I stripped nine rooms at our old house over the years, and I do not miss it at all. The cream walls will be a perfect background for displaying your lovely small quilts!

Karen said...

Good luck! None of these are my favourite activities but I do them if I have to. And the end result from painting is always worth it!