Friday, November 12, 2010

Colourful Fridays-Lavender

I think lavender is a very pretty color. It's one of my oldest daughter's favorites. Her room was decked out in various shades of lavender and white. Unfortunately most of her items are with her at university.
One of my favorite artists when I was a teenager was Cicely Mary Barker who created the delightful Flower Fairies. I think I collected pictures of almost all of them at one point and had little books with poems. Guess which one is the most popular in her garden series ............ LAVENDER :)

There is a wonderful interactive site that you can visit so hop on over there and play for a while :)
So I went rummaging through my drawers (do I sound like the armoire from Beauty and the Beast !!!), and a closet or two and found a few surprising items.

On the floor and .......
on my daughter's much loved, and almost totally shredded, lavender quillow. Seriously if you hold the quillow up the seams fall away and some areas have been completely worn through.
Look at the lavender dress on the book cover. Isn't it just gorgeous. The jewelry box came all the way from India.
High up on one of our "treasure shelves" sits this lovely pair. I cleaned the shelf specially for today. If we ever do the color grey I'll take a picture of Nashville dust :)

There's a slight change to the link for November. Robyn is out of town so head on over to where the wonderful Bev is being the guest host.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

I had lots of lavender in my room as a teen. I loved it, too. And when Waverly came out with a pattern called Sweet Violets (I think) I had that in a guest room in a previous home.

Loved what you shared with us here.


Sheila :-)

P.S. I love Scotland! I have Scottish ancestry on both sides of my family. Absolutely love it there and love the warmth of the Scottish people. Have toured all around the country!

CathyC said...

ooh, love your lavender bear ;-)

Karen said...

Hi Carol.
You started a trip down memory lane when you mentioned the Flower Fairies. And then it took me off thinking about all the books I read as a child that just let my imagination run wild.
Lovely photos for today. Obviously the quillow has been well used and treasured. Great collection with the books and the jewellery box.
And of course the doll and the bear are just great!
Have a lovely lavender day!

Sally said...

That is one very very sweet lavender bear!
... and I'm loving your 20quid tea towel.

Bev C said...

Hello Carol,

I love those books too, I think I bought them all for my children so I could look at them. Love your collection of Lavender especially the one from India, it just sparkles.Have a fantastic weekend. Don't worry about the dusting, I have had to do some of that when getting ready for the photo's. My house will be clean in a few weeks!!!

Happy days Carol.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

I luv your teddy & doll shelf & appreciate that you dusted it for us...LOL!

Narelle said...

Lots of lovely lavender-ness!
We have a lavender $5...didn't even think of that.