Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Creative Prompt Project -Autumn

We have two tall scarecrows that sit in our front entryway during part of October and November. They are supposed to sit outside but after a couple of years I got a bit weary of picking them up every time  gusty winds knocked them over. So my sketch for today shows part of one of them. He used to have a perky hat like his companion but it is now keeps falling off his head ... poor wee thing.
Taking photographs at my house can be a bit of a challenge and today was no exception. My download cord had fallen behind my sewing machine desk last night when I was attaching scout badges to my son's uniform. Now I have to tidy up my sewing room .... again.
I took the photo in our sun room - which is slowly filling up with the hubsters main hobby, Lego and Technics - next to this beastie which almost poked me in the eye. It needs repotting but after my last painful experience doing that I might have to invest in a suit of armor.


Dolores said...

What a wonderful drawing. I don't think I'd go near that plant when it needed re-potting. Let it re-pot itself.

Calicojoan said...

Your scarecrow would make an adorable quiltie!!!

Sherri said...

Very cute! I love the scarecrow! Thanks for joining the Creative Prompt Project!!!

Jaye said...

What a great drawing and I didn't event think of a scarecrow! I love seeing what people think of. I was sewing merit badges the other weekend as well. Did you see the post?