Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's an Interior Thing - Split Personality

I'm in the middle of painting our family room in preparation for Saturday and putting up our Christmas decorations. If we don't paint this week it won't get done for a few more weeks because I for one don't want to work round our tree. Once all the painting is done we will come to a decision about the fireplace.
The wall looks a bit funky at the moment with the two colors but I am working my way round the room.

I caught our "men at work" recently when they assisted with scrubbing off wall paste in the bedrooms/bathroom hallway.

Our kitchen chandelier created an interesting (I think) pattern on the hall wall and ceiling during the painting process.

Back to the family room. This is the section I will be painting today. There's just enough room with everything pulled out for me to get my wee stepladder in behind the entertainment unit.

Tomorrow afternoon I hope to get the little bit by the other window and round to the fireplace finished off. While I still miss the tone on tone stripey wallpaper from our hallway I am enjoying the new calmer color in our family room.
The other project I am working on is the master bathroom. I'm scrubbing the shower stall area in preparation for new paint and might repaint the rest of the room. Given that it is the size of a small closet it should not take too long to do :)


Anonymous said...

Man that's a lot of work! Good luck with it all :-)

~ Meagan

Cheryll said...

You're brave doing the painting at this time of year! Goodonya!