Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cross Stitch Corner - "The Lord is my Shepherd"

My son gave me this stamped kit for Christmas and I started it on Sunday. The tree foliage is now almost done. I don't think I have done a stamped design before. It's on a fairly good quality of cloth and stitches up nicely. I tend to bounce around a bit when I do colors but this time I am going to work from the top left and fill in everything as I go. I am also trying out a square "hoop" since my round ones are not the right size. I am contemplating hanging it in my son's room when it is completed.
Some other cross-stitch news. I am participating in a couple of exchanges. My secret sister gift from the embroidery group arrived yesterday and it is lovely. I finished the main design for another exchange at the week-end and have to decide how I want to finish it off. I'll post pictures for both when the exchanges are complete.
I am now fully kitted out for my other Christmas gift - Ink Circles project "Cirque des Carreaux" and will start it when "The Lord is my Shepherd" is completed. I'll be using 28 ct cream evenweave and DMC 3712. I love what is written on the back of the booklet - "The chart has been split into multiple pages so you won't go blind."
There's is some family news to share but you will have to visit our family blog to read about that :)

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Burtine said...

You really have your work cut out for you on this project. It will be a lovely reminder to hang in your son's room when completed. I have not been doing any cross stitch for some time but am going to begin a project to keep as a "take along" when I am visiting a few friends and family who are in need of visits right now.

I do like that comment about not going blind. I usually have to enlarge the graphs in order to follow properly.