Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Thread Society - Self Portrait

Well it's done. I'm not loving it and prefer the original sketch version. My daughter and I both agree that it needs more oomph but we are not sure what.
I may revisit it in a few months once I am more proficient at thread painting and beading.
What I do know for sure is I used the wrong weight of stabiliser.
The good part was I used my New Home sewing machine for the first time in years which was fun. Turns out that one of the parts was in backwards and that was why it would not sew properly. Now it's doing great.


nweames said...

WOW! You are impressive as always!

Micki said...

I think that you did a very good job! What a cherished project!

Carol said...

Thanks ladies. Glad you like it.

Nellie's Needles said...

Very well done. It's difficult to shade with lines of stitching. Have you considered putting in shadows and adding sparks of color with watercolor pencils or oil stick pastels?