Monday, April 6, 2009

EEE -well now there's a surprise :)

I'm not posting any pictures today because I want to try and upload pictures to the photographs section of the new "toy" John gave me on Saturday. Our main computer and my laptop have been giving me grief for a while now and I mentioned to my DH a while ago that if we got me something new I wanted it small, lightweight and a MAC.

It's about 6"x7" and weighs in at a hefty 2 lbs. AND it has a sparkly lid :) It's called an Eee PC and it can be converted to a MAC system once the memory is upgraded. The eee's stand for easy, excellent and exciting. So I'm easy pleased, enjoying this excellent gift and looking forward to some exciting learning experiences with it. You all now have permission to groan, he he he :)

So my surprise gift, talking with my sister-in-law and a weekend of General Conference at church pulled me out of the mood I was in most of last week.  

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