Monday, April 13, 2009

Textile Corner - Learning FA - simple landscape - an update

I was planning on getting the top section completely finished today but my sewing machine is not co-operating. I'm currently working on the trees and should finish the foreground "bushy bits" tomorrow.
I was a bit concerned because I have used up all my stiffer backing and am not sure I will get to a store till later this week. Shirley suggested using interfacing and I found a large piece of medium weight in one of my drawers. Works quite well. I think I need to switch to a narrower needle.
How does "A Visit to The Lake" sound as a title? I've got some thoughts running through my head regarding additions AFTER the basic piece has been done :)
Some of the other members of the class have already submitted their pieces. I've been enjoying looking at the different interpretations of the same subject.


Shirley said...

It is looking great Carol!

I am so happy you are enjoying my group and that you are doing the different landscape classes.

It is very satisfying to me that talented people like you are enjoying my landscape and thread painting
classes. Good Job! Shirley

Janet Hartje said...

I like how your trees run up over the border at the top. Nice work. I love the big flower at the top of your blog too!
Janet Hartje

Carol said...

Thank you ladies.