Thursday, April 9, 2009

Textile Corner - The Thread Society

This is the 6" quiltie I sent out for the Easter/Spring exchange. I did some basic hand embroidery on, and round the heart and round the edge. About a week or two ago there had been a discussion about how to hang our quilties (if at all). I rummaged around in my sewing box and found a container of hooks and eyes. The eye was just what I needed and for a small "on point" project should work well.
Coming up next with the group is a self portrait and a series of color exchanges. First I have to finish 2 landscapes for LearningFA.
I'm off to take a nap. I've been sick since early yesterday morning. I was not too happy about missing all my activities yesterday. One of my friends swung by this morning with some G2 so I can get my electrolytes back up again. Thanks Christy, your a sweetheart :) I hope I feel better by tomorrow night because John splurged on some tickets for the Nashville Symphony and I would hate to miss that.


Micki said...

Your work is so nice. I do machine embroidery, but I do admire your handwork. I am a member of learningfa too, and I signed up for the Southwestern wall hanging. I will get into the landscape clases too.
Wonderful job!

Lynn B said...

This is lovely!