Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Learning FA - "A Visit to the Lake"

So the basic landscape is now finished. I added some sand, a path (to get to the beach) and a few bushes. I was sorely tempted to make it more "Scottish" by adding "Nessie" but the actual loch is a lot more rugged and "broody" than mine.

I'm contemplating taking the landscape further at some point by adding leaves to the trees and maybe a boat in the lake but for the intended purpose I'm calling it "done" :)


Micki said...

It is really lovely...it makes you want to visit there.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful Landscape and awesome work. Thanks for sharing. Jeanne

a good yarn said...

Thanks Carol, the centre is appliqued and I will machine it. You have such an interesting blog. Your work is inspiring. I'm going to recommend your blog to a friend of mine whom I think would enjoy your fibre art adventures.

Happy Stitching...Ann :)