Thursday, February 19, 2009

"4 season Scottie dog" up-date

Well this project keeps morphing off in it's own direction :)

I decided that my green block was looking too "summery" for the spring section and changed it out for a pastel block. I really liked having a border round the winter section so added that to the others.
Now I am drawing out a number of sections to embroider. Each block will have it's own season title. I'm contemplating leaves for the autumn section.
I've also been playing with different fabrics for collars or bandanas for the dogs and thus far nothing is feeling right. I think I might take the project to a couple of fabric stores and play :)
For my green block I'm going back to my original idea of making it a small wall-hanging. Just got to put a couple of borders on and see what happens from there.

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