Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Textile Corner - "Beat the Winter Blues" 2&3

left #2 This is some of my favorite fabric from my fat quarter collection and it always makes me smile to look at it. It's going to Betty B. who signed up at the last minute. She's going to have to iron it flatter since it got somewhat "squished." I probably could have done more stitching on it and maybe left the planets off but I was thinking about sunrises at the time.
right #3 Is some fabric and a flower left over from a quilt I am making. It's for me :) My thinking behind it is that the blue section is the flowers hibernating and the red is the sun bringing the flowers into bloom. If you look close enough I've written asleep on the blue and awake on the red :)

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Micki said...

I Loved the fabric,esp.the one with
the flower.