Friday, February 6, 2009

I think I'm getting my brain back :)

I'm up :) I'm moving around :) My brain is no longer in the misty realms of non-function :)

In other words I've had a really bad head cold for the past few days and it did not help that I got hit in the face with a volleyball on Monday morning. Having said that life is good, my glasses are still in one piece and I did not cause any road wrecks when I did venture out :)

So y'all can safely say that not much creativeness has been happening with me recently. I did get some seed beads sorted out (last night) and a small amount of cross stitch done (this afternoon). I also got started on a mystery project for a fund raiser so maybe I got more creativeness accomplished than I think.

My embarrassing moment for this week had to be getting lost trying to drive to a friend's house. Like I said my brain has been foggy for the past few days. My friend lives about 5/10 minutes away from me but she lives on a farm on a really dark, windy, hilly road with some steep drop offs, AND there's no street lights. So I totally missed her house, could not find a place to turn around safely and about ended up in the next county :) Add to that I drove at about 15/20 mph with someone tailgating me so that person was probably not too happy with my snails pace !!!

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