Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Textile Corner - 4 Seasons challenge - step 3

The scene with the distant hills added, snow on the roof and a couple of variations for the dirt road.

The next steps will be to add the middle distance trees, foreground snow and shadows. Then I'll leave it for a day or two before attaching everything together. (That's my thinking at the moment. Knowing the way my brain works it may change somewhat :) )
One change I am thinking about making is to move the bridge slightly more off center and add a few more small trees to the right hand side.


tisme said...

nice job!!! It is coming along great.

Janet Hartje said...

I grew up around the 'Bridges of Madison County' it's looking very real to me.
Janet Hartje

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Carol.
thanks for leaving a comment on "Today's Title". It would be great to have you join in. Just go to my profile page and email me to give me your own email address, then I can put an invite out to you. From there on it's just the same as your own blogging :D
looking forward to you joining up.

Micki said...

You did a wonderful job! I have always loved bridge scenes.

Carol said...

Thanks ladies. It's proving to be an interesting challenge.