Friday, February 27, 2009

Textile Corner - A productive day

The main "creative" event for me today has got to be the fact that I finally worked out how to thread paint with my Singer machine. Woohoo. :)

I must have missed the directions in my manual the last few times I've read through it but today it popped right out at me. So all I do is take off the presser foot , attach the feed dog cover, insert the hooped fabric (fiddly) and have at it. I don't have a feed dog cover but a piece of index card works up to a point.

It will take a while to become proficient but at least I can now do clumps of grass. Just in time for a couple of on-line landscape classes I am taking. That's not including the 4 season challenge.

I've signed up for a color wheel postcard experiment which will be every month for the rest of the year. I got my "Primary Colors" postcards made this morning and they are ready to mail out.

I also got some mini "quilties" finished up this morning. They just needed the edges done.

There been a discussion about old cutting mats on one of the groups I read. I had an AHA moment when one of the ladies said to use it under your sewing machine. I've been looking for something to put under mine because it sticks to the paint on my table. Works great :) Now I just have to work out a small extension for the side to hold my fabric when I'm sewing. (What can I say. We Scots can be cheap and if I can work out a way to use something I've got instead of dropping a bunch of money for an attachment that works fine for me !!!!)

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Micki said...

Boy, you were busy. How exactly did you do the thread painting? I have never tried that. You will have to write me and give me more details, as my curiosity is at its peak. Glad you had such a productive day!
In Ireland