Sunday, March 1, 2009

My current sewing area

My current sewing area - nightime and daytime lighting. The room itself is about 11'x10'. To the left of the long window is a single bed. To the right of my sewing table are three bookcases and the door into the room. One of the bookcases holds most of my craft, design, quilting and painting books. The others have childrens books and some of my hubbies books. The plastic drawers beside the window are sitting on stair treads that will eventually be made into a shelving unit. The peg board will probably sit on the top shelf and be used for displaying small projects in process. I borrowed my son's lamp to shine light on my sewing machine when the main light is too low to see properly. I keep most of my current quilt and interior design magazines in the large basket under my table.

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