Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lunchtime tutorial - applique heart - the block

The block ironed together, and no you are not getting to see my ironing board. The cover looks waaaay to ratty at the moment :)
That's it for today. Next time how to sew the heart to the block.
P.S. my "quiltie" is going to be on point when it is finished.

Addendum. It is now the next morning and the block is sewn together. Due to some technological failures i.e. VERY fuzzy photos I won't be posting how I sewed the heart to the block :( Basically I doubled my thread with the loop at the end, did a "catch the loop" stitch at the back of the block, pulled the thread through to the front just behind the heart, did lots of little slip stitches round the heart, and secured the thread on the back of the block by doing two small back stitches and a long stitch between the layers. 

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