Thursday, March 12, 2009

Textile Corner - My favorite time of year

My favorite time of year is Easter. I get to celebrate the birth, life, atonement, death AND ressurection of our beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ.
I've signed up for a number of Easter/spring swaps and here are two in process. The postcards just have to have the back finished and the 6" quiltie is getting a hanger and an edge finish.
I enjoyed taking the same background fabric and doing different designs on top. What is the background - a batik with resist shapes that reminded me of eggs and colors that reminded my of gorgeous sunrises/sunsets.
There are a number of religious imageries within the pieces but you would have to know my life in detail to know what they are and what they represent :)


e4e823l said...

Carol, the fabric is definatly saying Easter. Amen to your comment and witness to Our Lord and Savior. Semmy from LOS

Carol said...

Thanks Semmy.
My next cross-stitch picture is going to be one of our Saviour. My son gave it to me for Christmas :)

Micki said...

Lovely work and words!