Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lunchtime tutorial - Nik's squishy toy - the end ?

Et voila the squishy toy is complete ....... or is it?
The first one we made is now with it's intended recipient and his mommy thinks it's lovely and soft but we have one of our own and ........ we are experimenting. We have a stuffed yoyo head and are contemplating legs :)
What kind of animal or insect do you think you could make?
Phew - I thought I was never going to get this tutorial finished and posted. Spanish lesson, repair man for the phone line, unexpected run to school, phone call from my daughter's lawyer and the resulting running around from that. Kris needed help making a Bundt cake, Nik needed help making layered vanilla pudding, dinner does not get into the oven on it's own etc. etc. etc.
And no I am NOT going to do a tutorial for the fabric doll. Y'all can buy the pattern at the store. Dolly, by the way, thinks she has just been given a new pillow :)

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