Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today's Title Is .... Slice of Reality

I participate in a group called "Today's Title Is". This week we are doing "slice of reality" so my submission is ...... "My Lunch :)"
What can I say. Our lives are dominated by food and I am supposed to be watching what I eat because of hypoglycemia. (My doctor would have a kiniption (sp?) if he saw my lunch!!!!).
So John made the bread and sliced it up very carefully with his electric slicer. Our peach tree had fruit for the first time last summer so we made some freezer jam. We came home from Ohio recently with a lot of strawberries and made the bulk of that into freezer jam last week-end.
We like to buy things as cheaply as possible so John found the strawberry candle on sale for $1 and I found the plant in a basket at a yard sale for $1.
We are showing Kris how to garden this year and one of the gardening books I enjoy is "Lasagna Gardening". We have heavy clay soil so raised beds are a good option to go with.
So there you go part of our "slice of reality."
Oh and the flower in my header was for another group I'm with called Doodle Days. We had to do a daisy doodle and I just so happened to have a picture partly done sitting in my sewing room. It's sketched in ink on wrapping paper.


Heather said...

Thankyou for your kind comment on my blog. Your lunch looks pretty good to me - I wont tell your doctor what you've eaten! Love the work on your earlier posts - you do a lovely variety of things.

Micki said...

Your lunch looks delicious! Just enjoy it...Life is too short.