Friday, March 6, 2009

Cross Stitch Corner - "Rose Splendor" - update

My kids are currently house/dog sitting for some friends and I am "supervising". I decided that my "take along" piece would be "Rose Splendor".
I'm really pleased with how it is progressing and I've got a couple of ideas floating around in my brain for finishing/framing.
Hopefully I'll get the roses finished over the next couple of days. I finished up all the main colors for the outside border last night and added a bit more to the big rose head. As I mentioned in a previous post I'm going to leave the gold work in the main border till last.
I've gotten a few people confused as to what this piece is -tapestry or cross-stitch. It's actually a combination of stitches. The flowers and stems are cross-stitch. The main border and faint background stitches are tapestry (or half cross-stitch). The inside border is Satin or Scotch stitch. Between the two borders will be some gold couching. There's also going to be some French knots in the rose buds and all the flowers and stems will have outline stitch.

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Micki said...

I love roses, and I am planning on making something with roses with machine embroidery. Yours is progressing so well, and it will be lovely!