Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Blog Strolling" through the side-bar

One of the things I enjoy is "blog strolling". Kind of like window shopping from your chair :)

I like to investigate the side-bars of the blogs I visit just to see what interests others and to see if there is anything that would help me with my textile adventures. Usually there is and I am one happy camper.

I am also a member of a number of on-line textile groups that post fabulous resources so the side-bar is a great way for me to store ones I am currently interested in.

On my side-bar I have created a "Tutorial Links" section for places I like to visit to learn specific techniques. They range from beginners to fairly advanced stuff. Personally I like the sites with lots of pictures or videos.

So if are you not already doing it try "blog strolling" through the side bar of some of your favorite blogs. Goes without saying I want you to include mine in that list :)

Buena suerte y adios. (I'm learning Spanish.)


Micki said...

It is fun to play around with our blogs and do things that we never did before.

Chris said...

I love blog strollingl, too. That's how I found your great blog. Enjoying it very much.
Chris at