Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Textile Corner - 4 Seasons Challenge. step 4

I've been playing around with shapes and placement. There's a lot of trees in the original picture but I don't have much in the way of "winter tree" type fabrics so went with a mottled brown for the far distant ones. Originally I had the "band of trees" come right down to the covered bridge but it gave a weird foreshortening effect so I cut the treeline back to get some more distance.
I tried to thread paint the snow on the mountains which did not work so I attached some "snow" fabric and will probably paint in the bottom edges and shadows.
I had fun adding details to the wood section of the covered bridge and just have to add the inside shadow that goes across the road.
My tree had an accident so I will have to either add to the branch that shredded off or try to thread paint it. I'm un-decided about how much snow, if any, to add to the tree.
Next - work out the tree placements on the right side of the bridge. That's a lot of snow there.


Shirley said...

WOW!!! CAROL, your challenge is beautiful. I can see you sure do have the idea - Your perspective is great. As far as the branches go, you can either use white craft paint in the joints and along the branch a little ways, or use thread to put in a bit of snow on the trees. I agree that this works well as fare as the trees in the back ground. GOOD job!

You are doing very well and I am so glad you are doing my challenge. Shirley

Carol said...

Thanks Shirley.

This is proving to be a huge learning curve for me.