Monday, March 16, 2009

Technology and blogging issues

Our main computer bit the dust ..... again, this morning and my laptop will let me read e-mails but not send or reply. My technological genius of a husband was (eventually) able to retrieve and fix everything last time round so hopefully he can fix everything again ....... at some point in time.

I have two or three issues though. My on-line classes file, contact info and recent information for a genealogy project I am working on AND almost all my recent photographs are in the main computer. I had not finished getting everything copied over to my various blogs or thumb drive. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. I am so annoyed with myself.

The photographs issue may impact my blogging and on-line class efforts for a while so my apologies for that.

I'm off to sulk in my little corner and maybe get some sewing or sketching done :)

1 comment:

Micki said...

Technology is great when it works, but when it doesn't, it is a real pain. I really feel for you!
Hope everything sorts itself out.