Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why I need a new iron :)

Our kitchen sits in the middle of the house and you have to go through it to get anywhere. It's about 15'x20'.

Last summer our main project was redoing the floor, walls and woodwork.

The cabinets had been put in about 4 years before we bought the house and are still in good condition but the floor was not nice. What we found under the linoleum (not shown) was even worse.

The girls "had at it" and ironed the tiles up. Stinky job but needed doing since we found that some of the sub floor was rotting out. Worked great but my iron has not been quite the same since :) Someone had at some point tried to remove the tiles but did not finish and we found pieces all over the floor under the linoleum. Our system was take off all the wood moldings, iron up the tiles, fill in any holes, let everything dry then lay subfloor. Once that was all done the 2 layer floor system went in and the moldings put back on.

So now we have a floating wood laminate floor which we really like and cream colored walls that change color through the course of the day. When we moved in the walls were very dark brown panelling and I spent two weeks sponge painting them in various shades of cream, white and blue (to go with the colors in the still existing wallpaper above the wall cabinets.) Personally I was not that thrilled with the result (the blue was a bit too blue) and love our new calm center to the house. At some point I would like new kitchen counters but other things need to be done first.

We also painted the sunroom the same cream color and it looks so much better than the dirty white we had been "living" with.

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Roslyn Atwood said...

You definitely deserve a new iron!
Quilters MUST have a decent iron-or two or three.......