Monday, February 23, 2009

Textile Corner - 4 seasons challenge - step 1

(Well wouldn't you know it I can now do more than one picture per posting AND move them round on the page. Woohoo, my new blog learning moment for today!)

Some of us are participating in a 4 seasons challenge at LearningFA. Our wonderful teacher, Shirley, gave us some pictures to choose from.
After waaaaaay to much thinking about it I have opted for the covered bridge. So far I have trolled around the internet looking at other pictures, mainly in Canada, and surprise, surprise actually found one that looked fairly close to the painting. This was just to give me some color ideas though we are only supposed to go with the black and white one for reference. I've opted to go with the weather worn grey affect for the bridge.
Since I have never really done much in the way of thread painting before I re-read almost every piece of information Shirley had available plus a few other resources on the web. That gave me an AHA moment related to sketching, water color painting and thread sketching.
I decided to trace the basic elements of the picture so that I can determine what I really need to use fabric for and what areas I have to delve into for thread painting. We have been advised to simplify our pictures so a lot of the fiddly little tree branches will probably not show up in my finished pictures. Shirley suggested I take out the bridge "advertising" pieces.
I have some of my fabric picked out for the various seasons but came to the realisation that I am short of tree and covered bridge "types". Oh well that means a trip or two to the fabric stores and what quilter loves doing that (sigh).
I've decided to start with a winter scene and this week will spend my time cutting out the trees, bridge and try a variety of sky colors. I haven't decided how I'm going to do the snow shadows yet. Who knows, if the snow is deep enough, maybe a skiier will show up :)


Shirley said...

You are doing a great job Carol.

I think you are on the right track. I would definitely check your black and white picture for the values. If you are doing winter you can do it 2 or 3 ways. You can have a dull, cold, winteryday - in which case you would use the different shades of grey for the sky, and other shapes with a bit lighter for portions of it.Your snow would be shades of grey right up to very light for the snow --- If it is a bright sunny winter day you would choose more vibrant colors - brighter sky, deeper shadows, more white snow and you might go into shades of blue for the shadows.

It is an excellent subject and I will be happy to watch as your challenge proceeds. Let me know if I can be of any help. This is such a good way to get your color combinations and values figured out.

I would also pick your whole palette at the beginning - deciding on which kind of day you wish to do.
Shirley - learningfa

Shirley said...

I forgot to mention that you don't need 'tree' fabric to do your trees. I rarely ever do -- check out my blog today and you will see what fabrics I used for my trees. anything with a mottled brown or grey would do for this scene. Just cut the strips for the trunk and if you wish cut out the branches. As I said the information is on my blog. Shirley