Friday, February 6, 2009

Just for fun :)

I made this simple sampler #2 @1968 as part of a class project/exam (I passed). I had a wonderful teacher and every time I look at it it brings back fond memories of her and all the creations we made over a period of 7 years. Some of them worked out really well and a few make me wonder what on earth I was thinking, but she encouraged me to learn all the basics and then get creative with them.


Shirley said...

I love your sampler - you do great work. I am so glad I found your blog. So many talented people and so little time to follow all the different blogs. I am a follower and try to drop in every time you post. Shirley

Carol said...

Thanks Shirley. You are so kind. I loved looking at the pictures on your blog today. Looking forward to taking one of your classes at LearningFA.

Micki said...

Lovely Sampler! You really do such wonderful work.
In Ireland