Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Textile Corner - 4 Seasons Challenge - step 2

The initial layout with just the very basic shapes. When I was cutting out the main tree I realised that the back of the fabric would work well for the middle distance trees. The "cloudy" effect of the sky fabric makes the main tree "pop" out more than if I had used a plain fabric (I think).

I have some fabric in my box that has a crackly wood effect to it. I like it for the covered bridge even though it's not quite the color I was going for. I may darken it down a little bit with some colored pencils. I would like to add some lines in to make it look more like the wood boards in the original picture.

Round our part of the county a lot of the trees look very grey in the winter time but I've opted for a more brown look so that the picture will not look too anemic.

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